Women’s safety

  • V.V Roshan,Varshaa KS
  • Indian streets are hazardous to women after 9 at night. Numerous cases of sexual harassment and rape have tied women to their houses. 

    Some of the reasons women are not able to go out at night are:

    1.Sexual predators.

    2. Stalking and catcalling.

    3.Social and cultural conditioning.

    and other possible crimes such as thievery and murder.

     When women are caught in such situations, they are often alone and with help often too far away. And even if they think they have found a protective companion in a passer-by, it is often unreliable and proves fatal for them, such as in the Nirbhaya case where the bus driver along with the some passengers sexually assaulted her. The Nirbhaya case article is linked below


    There is a more readily available and trustworthy source of protection which can address this problem and certain other problems in society.


  • Women everywhere.

October 30, 2019

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