Women Safety

  • Danish Q Khan,Asish Jena,Bishal Acharya
  • Women feel scared to use public toilets and malls' dressing room in fear of being recorded by a spy camera hidden inside.

    Many such cases are already happening and nobody is doing anything to sort it out. If the things still go on that way then what's the use of building public toilets for well being of people and in fact it will be the great loss of the government. If women don't feel safe then what's the future of the country because all men and women are equal. 

  • Women of all age group are facing these problems.

    Based on my research i asked many women out there and they answered "Whenever we feel something then we search everywhere for the spy camera and we don't get it and also we are not confirmed whether actually spy camera is there or not."

  • This situation has been faced by my sister,Shima.

    Shima:- Danish, do you know what happened today?

    Danish:- What happened?

    Shima:- I went to a hotel and went to washroom. Then i felt uneasy and thought something is wrong with the mirror and i googled for "How to check the presence of camera behind mirror?" and I saw an answer which said "Fingernail test". I just kept my finger tip on the mirror and it touched my tip and there was no gap between the mirror and my fingertip. So, i was confirmed that there is a camera behind the mirror. After that i ran out of the washroom and went out of the hotel. 

    Danish:- Seriously? Why did not you complain about it?

    Shima:- Because i was scared and did not want to say to anybody.

    Danish:- What do you want to do now?

    Shima:- I want to say to every women out there that just check everywhere whenever you use any public washroom,mall changing room,hotel room.

    Danish:- Have you ever thought on how this problem can be solved?

    Shima:- We can't do anything for this other than just checking everywhere around.

    Danish:- I have an idea to solve this problem and also can expose any place having spy camera.

    Shima:- I would like to know the idea.

    Danish:- Will you use a device which will be affordable by everyone and can detect any spy camera within 5 metre radius around you?

    Shima:- Yes, I would love to. And also i would suggest everyone others to use this and feel safety wherever we go.

    Danish:- That's great. Thanks for the information sister. Would love to take account of your information and work on this issue.

November 24, 2019

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