Women Safety

  • 1) Mansi Sharma 2) Shrishti Goyal 3) Shagun Yadav
  • Women Safety is one of the most arenas on which a lot of work needs to be done.It involves strategies, practices and policies which aim to reduce gender based violence(or violence against women), including women's fear of crime. It also includes creating safe spaces but this is practically not possible as we can't control the bad intentions or incentives of any other culprit who commits such practices.
    These unjust instances are most likely to happen with working women. The work places maybe of any kind.
    • Although there is no specific age group of female race that falls victim to harrassment but still the majority of instances happen with working women.
    They are more vulnerable but also the most capable of fighting back and ensure their own safety. Once these women are empowered they can help empower other women around them.
    We could design apps and other modern devices that can help women detect, act , and fight against such instances.
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  • This is actually a problem that Everyone wants a solution of and this safety is not only a issue of want but a need .

    But all  of us know that in today's world of fashion no one is actually willing to carry these safety thing which look bulky and unstylish. So here we brings you a a nanotech which don't make you look outdated and will ensure your safety. 

    Our product comes with specification 

    Specification 1- suppose a person is following you, stalking you,  noting down your day to day activities. Whom you are unaware of. But this nanotech will be aware of him. He would come in radar of our product. Every person has unique heat prints of face just like finger print depending on location of blood vessels. 

    Specification 2 - we live in world where we need to socialize , make new connection, so you would be meeting lots of family and friends . So what you must do is whenever you meet them, just for once save their data in your device and Everything would be set . 

    But what if I meet a business client.. Here comes specification 3-  you may or may not trust the intention of person from first sight, right? Don't fret. 

    If you are meeting someone, but you don't trust them, of course so he advances wrong move you can just push a button to send a distress call to both police and your emergency contact. 

    Then comes the specification 4- if someone attacks you out of blue, then your harmones will triggers, your breathing would fasten. All the changes will be detected by our device and it will give you red alert .So if you confirm this  it will make a distress call. 

    So here we are. This is our full idea and I know it's fail proof.  

    It is dream of us to launch this product. Thanks for giving us a chance to get one step closer to it

October 21, 2019

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