Water Resource Management

  • Akash.S;Boopathi Vanavarayan.S ; Praveen.M ; Mohommad Jannatul Fhirdose
  • The drinking water crisis in Asia is reaching alarming proportions. It might very soon attain the nature of global crisis. Hence, it is of utmost importance to preserve water for human beings. In many houses, there is unnecessary wastage of water due to overflow in overhead tanks. Though there are many system modules available in the market to solve this issue, their cost makes them unaffordable for the common citizens , and their purpose remain unsolved  , hence the solution is to build a simple solid cost effective module to give a effective indicatiation of  overflow from the overhead tank .

  • Socio-Economic Class : The people who don't prefer to trade anything  that has no sensible purpose or though  the product in the market has a much potential solution for the adverse problems faced by the society, people prefer to buy the product in the first place only when it is affordable . 

    1. This overhead tank overflow water wastage problem is faced in our house where we have two overhead tanks for water storage, and every time we attempt to refill the tanks we are indicated that the water tank is full only after hearing the overflow from the tank which causes a lot of water wastage in our day to lives without our attention .
    2. Everyone around here who got overhead tanks face this water wastage problem.
    3. We all experience this problem our day to day lives .
    4. There are lot of wireless products available in the market that could efficiently solve this problem,but the issue is its cost . Hence only few people tend to use them which obviously cannot solve the water crises problem faced by the society.
    5. The average price of the available product is 3000 INR and we tend to give the finished product less than 300 INR.
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November 13, 2019

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