Waste Segregation

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  • The magnitude of the menace of waste management continues to increase at an alarming rate. This  not only pollutes our environment but also contributes to the annual death toll in the country as countless lives are lost to waste management malpractices and results in infections and ailments.

    This problem begins with improper waste segregation due to which the various types of waste is not processed in the required way .  

  • People who do not segregate their waste  , communities who do not follow the guidelines associated with the proper segregation and disposal of waste .

  • Interview with Mrs. Mali who is a house maker and is a resident of Rangpuri, new Delhi

    QUE.1) Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

    ANSWER) Yes! I face this problem daily specially because all the waste is dumped in the same dustbin and in situations when the garbage collector even skips for one day or is off duty ,the bio degradable waste(i.e. vegetable peels,egg shells ,left food e.t.c.)starts to smell .and inspite of being aware that biodegradable waste can be used as fertilizers no such action can be taken by me since now it seems impossible and a very dirty job to segregate the waste due to the smell and insects. this scares me as i have small children in my house who can get ill by this.

    QUESTION  2) Do you know anyone who does something to solve/decrease this problem?

    ANSWER)it is a really rare site . but i do know of a girl who does segregate the waste but it is of no use since when the garbage collector comes he takes both the types of waste and puts it in the same lorry and all the hard work goes in vain.

    QUESTION 3) Examples / Experiences on this

    ANSWER) i did try this once but since my children are very small it is very difficult to stop them from throwing  a banana peel(biodegradable waste) into the degradable bin and vice versa .also mature people like my in laws do not want to understand the concept so it eventually  seems an impossible task. 

    QUESTION 4) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?

    ANSWER) See either somebody gives that much input to segregate the waste maybe it would be possible but seeing the situations i described in the above questions it seems impossible .so the answer is no.
    QUESTION 5) How much would you pay to fix it?

    ANSWER)I already give money to the garbage collector guy .and that is the only amount of money i would invest in garbage management

    QUESTION 6)what if you get some reward(360 degree economy) if you take this segregated waste to the society dustbin, will you be willing to segregate the waste using some technology provided to you?

    ANSWER) why not...i never thought that garbage could provide me some reward but if this is true i would definitely do it. provided i don't have to travel long distances and also the process is not very cumbersome i would definitely use such technology as it will be one time investment

    interview of Mr Semwal (practicing law at Dehradun lower court)

    QUESTION 1) Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

    ANSWER) yes of,course specially the dustbins which are placed in public places smell a lot, they are not covered and the most annoying thing is that they overflow. as a result the street dogs carry all the garbage around.and the most disturbing thing is that many a times the plastic waste is consumed by animals like cows e.t.c which leads to their death.  

    QUESTION 2) Do you know anyone who does something to solve/decrease this problem?

    ANSWER) no! even though we know the consequence of this it is a very tedious job and that too when you are alone in this as most of the people ignore the graveness of this.

    QUESTION 4) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?

    ANSWER)i have till now only come across the different colored dustbins for diff. type of waste. which is only followed in places like mall e.t.c and as far as overflowing of waste and uncovered bins are concerned the people and authority is simply ignorant towards it

    QUESTION 5) How much would you pay to fix it?

    ANSWER) if i do see that there is an effective solution for this which is feasible  i would definitely pay for this because this is a serious problem which must be solved.

    QUESTION 6)what if any such technology comes which signals in case of overflow , do you think it is a necessary today and will benefit the common man.

    ANSWER) yes ! as i have told earlier these are basic hygiene issues and if not dealt with they would be fatal so such a signalling technology is the need of the hour.

  • There are n number of problems as far as garbage is concerned and it has become so large that if not solved it would affect people's life. 

    to solve one aspect of  this problem which is waste segregation  we have come up with smart dustbins. smart dustbins are a which would solve the problem 


    1. existing user journey the management of waste becomes more difficult when the waste is not segregated as the disposal method of different types of waste is different .  and even when we are provided with different dustbins we carelessly mix the garbage and the whole point of keeping different dustbins goes in vain.
      new user journey Now, solution to our problem is we are going to use three smart dustbins(red, blue, green)
      RED - for hazardous waste(like medicine,paint etc...)
      BLUE - for organic waste (like vegetables peels, left food etc) that can be convert into fertilizer. 
      GREEN -for inorganic waste(like plastic tin, metals) that can be recycle

      we would make sure that the biodegradable and non - biodegradable waste does not  get mixed even by mistake  for that we will use doors such that the doors will be sensing such that a biodegradable dustbin takes only biodegradable waste and if any other type of data is given it detects it and does not open.                                                                            

          2. overflowing of community dustbins by sending an alarm to the garbage collector that the dustbin is full and the garbage in the dustbin would be compressed so as to accomodate the              maximum amount of garbage . and making sure that the dustbins are covered all  the time hence not effecting the people living near by .                                                                                                existing user journey- the community dustbins are full most of the time and are overflowing. the garbage lying on the street are consumed by the animals in many situations which            leads to the consumption of plastic by the animal. the people living or working in the area where the dustbin have to tolerate the smelly and hazardous gases resulting in diseases and               inconvenience                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

               new user experience- since the dustbins would be covered less hazardous smells would be  released and overflowing of waste would be controlled as a notification would be sent                 to   the  collectors hence there would be no litter around the dustbin hence providing the people a clean and safe surrounding .                                                                                                                          

October 20, 2019

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