Waste Management

  • Nikita Pal,Kashika Hingorani, Ishita Khindria
  • Waste Management is a huge problem. Landfills are getting filled up at an alarming rate. Due to the lack of proper segregation of waste, many recyclable wastes go untreated. Many harmful wastes are also dumped which can prove to fatal (Ghazipur landfill blast is one of the incidents). Most rag pickers who segregate waste are children who are exploited and are out of schools. Also, the waste is not collected regularly by the people employed for the job which cause unhygienic conditions. Most areas do not have proper management systems and facilities for garbage collection and segregation.

  • If waste is segregated at the root level, it can create a huge change. People do not segregate their waste due to lack of awareness or mere laziness. Ordinary people who do not have the knowledge and awareness on waste segregation. Most people throw garbage outside the dustbins. Authorities do not collect garbage timely due to lack of knowledge of the area where the dustbins have filled up.  

  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KQtFUaaAXju-Z-oEdGMzbnJAgKdzHBtlgGAkxWUPczU/edit#gid=542678552

  • Before: No segregation of waste, no message to authorities upon filling of dustbins.

    After: On segregation of waste at the root level, a lot of work and problems can be reduced. Most children will not have to look for plastics to sell in the garbage if it directly reaches the recycling units. A lot of dump in the landfills is recyclable if it had been separated then it would  have been recycled.

    If a messaging system to the authorities is there, then timely collection of waste can happen. 



October 19, 2019

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