• pawan singh and gaurav khairnar
  • There are many area where dump is not cleaned on the daily basis, even some time dump is there for the long time so this create a unlivable environment for the people around people.

    So people can call the authorities the other problem occur here many a time authorities doesn't respond to the call, so they don't care about the condition of people.

    And the people living wit all the facalities doesn't know about the the condition of other nearby people sometime

  • Waste Management: Authorities, People living in he area.

    Political awareness: People will came to know about people responsible for that area.

  • 1.Do you face this problem?

    yes,Many a times dump remain for week and some time it is burnt also which create problem for people

    2. Do you know anyone who does?

    same for water problem , electricity , sewer line

    3) Is there anything that solves this? 

    yes, authorities should respond to complaint asap, this can only happen if they give thought to public.

    4.How much would you pay to fix it?

    little bit for charge is not a concern.


February 2, 2020

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