Waste management

  • Pragati, aaahika, shree lakshmi
  • as we know there are lots of polythene and there is swach bharat abhiyan also so there is ban on the polythene. So we areaking an atm kind of machine which will take polythene and instead of it will give paper or jute bag 4 polybags will give 1 jute bag and also we get jute bag by giving money so that we can earn also. Nd we can reduce plastics also. And we also get a count on no of plastics recycled. 

  • Targeted audience is all age groups because everybody uses plastic bags but mostly the persons while buying vegetables and other stuffs. Mainly all age groups 

    • The sulution of this problem is we are reducing plastics from our environment and also promote jute bags and it is eco friendly and i will help people to understand that plastics are not good and we are able to recycle more and mote plastic bags and also support swach bharat abhiyan. 
October 23, 2019

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