Waste detector

  • Mihika
  • India has several metropolitan cities where there is an abundance of garbage just lying around on roads instead of being properly disposed. The government often promises to take initiatives on it and there are NGOs who want to work on it. But how exactly do we know where the garbage dumps are? 

  • Everybody who sees garbage on the roads and wants action to be taken.

  • A camera system using AI attached to various city buses which go around the city identifying where garbage is present and taking a  snap of it and uploading the location (with GPS) with its picture on say, an app, or update the municipal corporation so some action can be taken. People, in general, could probably do this too but relying on technology here guarantees authenticity. 

  • the garbage and the smell and cattle eating the garbage and health hazards and breeding grounds for flies are the few of the many many reasons why our cities should be cleaned up and this seems like one of the many ways on how we can inform the concerned authorities regarding this.

November 17, 2019

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