wallet safety

  • Noora fathima, Athira kk
  • People feel its unsafe to keep their personal belongings while traveling, especially women these days are afraid to keep their wallets with them because of the increase in cases of robbery and snatching.

  • Travelers, women, officials and students.

  • a) where do you keep your money and other important things while traveling, for example when you are in a train?

    ans)  I always hang it around my neck in a sling bag even when i am sleeping, going to washroom, all the time i carry it  with me.

    b)why you don't feel it safe to keep it in your bag?

    ans) How can i? i already had an experience of pickpocket while i was traveling in a bus and i was like a lost child. I somehow went to a police station and complained.its been 2 years but till now they couldn't find my wallet.  After that i started carrying this sling bag all the way i go.

    c) Are you comfortable with this?

    ans) no, definitely not, hanging this thing all the day along gives me shoulder pain. And also while traveling in a train i never sleep well. I always wake up and check my bag.

    d)Is this sling bag the only solution?

    ans) Its the best solution so far i have found.And i have seen most of the travelers following this. The only solution other than this is go cashless and without any documents which is hard for me. 

    e) Are you ready to spend on a more safer and easier solution for this?

    ans) yes, if its economical and reusable. A one time investment is not an issue.



  • Before:

    A girl while traveling in a train holds her wallet with the ticket, id cards and money in her hands. She keeps her luggage with dresses and other things under the seat without any fear but she carries this wallet even when she wants to go to washroom. while sleeping also she kept her one hand on the wallet and was checking it again and again whenever she woke up. But somehow a thief comes and took it from her. She was completely lost without any money id proofs,cards etc. She got down at the next railway  police station and complained.



    A girl while traveling keeps her wallet inside the bag. she does'nt carry it with her when she was going to the washroom. At that time one thief comes and takes it from her bag. when she comes back she hears the warning alarm in her phone which tells that some one gave incorrect finger print 5 times in her wallet. She suddenly tracks the wallet and find the location and then she complaints to the police with exact location of the wallet so that they could find the thief very easily and she got her wallet back without loosing anything.

October 23, 2019

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