Vehicle theft prevention, criminal hot pursuit

  • Kishore Saravanan, Dheeraj Varghese
  • 1.Car-jacking(stealing cars) is increasing at an alarming rate and hence people feel paranoid about leaving their cars parked. 

    2. Criminal getaways using vehicles to escape is hard to track down.

  • Car-jacking: Metropolitan residents

    Criminal getaways: Police offers

  • 1,2) Multiple car owners in my locality have got their carjacked.

    3)The infamous Northen bank robbery(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Bank_robbery#Details_of_raid) getaway could not be prevented with the existing system for police pursuits but could've been prevented if the proposed system is to be implemented.

    4)Image processing can be used to identify the license registration number and update the stolen/suspect vehicle's location to the database but this can be easily trespassed by changing the licence plate number right after the getaway.

  • Every successful bank heist needs a successful getaway. In the current system, a manual pursuit of the suspect's vehicle is done and if the suspect manages to evade the highspeed pursuit and changes his license plate, he is good to go.


    In the proposed system, the getaway vehicles RFID tag(that is hidden in the car, linked to the registration  number of the car) is notified and every time this passes through a signal where RFID receptors are placed, the instantaneous location of the car can be known and since this RFID tag is hidden in the car, the suspect can not change the identity of his car by just changing the license plate.

November 14, 2019

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