Upgradable smartphones

  • Trident Academy of Technology
  • Sagar Gautam Panda
  • We people using smartphones want to upgrade our smartphones only if we see a new technology come up  the market. But this can only be done by buying a new phone at the moment which costs unnecessary money and creates a lot of wastage of products to get a small feature. If the mobiles could have been just upgradable or the parts were been able to be changed so that we can extend the lifeline of the mobile phone.

  • Everyone who uses a smartphone and wants to upgrade to get a better feature. But either don't have money to buy a new phone or feels unnecessary to do so spending so much of money.

  • We asked a lot of people and most of the people generally refferd to the change from 3G network to 4G network in the year of 2016-17.

    A lot of the people didn't knew that the 4G network is right around the corner. And lot of them invested a lot thinking about that they would use their phone for few years at least. But when suddenly 4G came out and in India jio started providing free internet.. people were so willing to use that feature.. but the people who had recently bought 3G phones suffered a lot of loss and had to buy whole phone instead of just being able to swap that 4G band. This created a lot of loss of money and pollution is created because of these wasted mobile phones.

    About 80 percent of people said that yes..it would be fantastic to have a phone that is upgradable and would like to buy the product if it is available at an consumer level.

  • We went to a lot of people using mainly old smartphones and asking them why they were using so

November 10, 2019

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