Using EasyIOTCloud with NodeMCU


  • Set up EasyIoT Cloud to send sensor data
  • Send analog sensor data to EasyIoT cloud


  1. NodeMCU
  2. Breadboard
  3. USB cable

Let’s begin!

EasyIoT is a simple platform designed for easy implementation of IoT. EasyIoT cloud is a cloud service provided by this platform. We will use it to send sensor values to the cloud and view it.

Setting up EasyIoT Cloud

Final Code

Download the ZIP library. Open Arduino IDE. Go to Sketch->Include library->Add .ZIP library.

Change the following lines in the code:

Add your WiFi credentials

#define AP_USERNAME "xxxxxxxxxx"
#define AP_PASSWORD "xxxxxxxxxx"

Add your Adafruit username

#define INSTANCE_ID "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

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