Transferring data using SSDP and NodeMCU


  • Advertising and Discovering of network services and presenting information.


  1. NodeMCU board (quantity: 1 no.)
  2. Micro USB cable A to B (quantity: 1 no.)
  3. Arduino IDE on your computer

Let’s Begin!

Simple service delivery protocol (SSDP) is a network protocol and the basis for Universal Plug and Play architecture. It means that devices can find and communicate with each other by plugging them in or turning them on, enabling them to ”play” with minimal configuration on the part of the owner. NodeMCU will support the WiFi connection through which SSDP sends and receives messages through the HTTP protocol. Using the IP address we can view the data.

Final Code

To copy the code, right click on view raw at the bottom of the code, click on open link in new tab and then copy the code.

Uploading the code

Step 1: Enter the final code in the Arduino IDE window.

Step 2: Compile/ verify the code by clicking on the verify button.

Step 3: Upload the code by clicking on the upload button, which is right next to the verify button.


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