PCB design for Safety System


  • Design of PCB
  • Installation of ADAfruit Library


For this project, you will need

  1. Autodesk Eagle PCB on your computer
  2. Adafruit Library

Let’s begin!

In this experiment we will try to design a circuit for a safety system where it closes the equipment on detection of someone approaching it.

Adding important Libraries to your Eagle

Adding Libraries is very easy in Autodesk Eagle. Large number of electronics manufacturers like Sparkfun, Adafruit etc. provides library file. In this we will learn to add library from Adafruit.

1. Go to link  – Adafruit and clone it and unzip it to a folder.


Adafruit Library Download page


2. Launch Eagle and click on Option -> Click Directories -> Libraries tab -> add the path to folder where the library is extracted separated by”;” without the quotes as shown in image below and click OK.


Library Path Setup


3. To verify expand your libraries option and you will find the newly added library there.


Dashboard – Verification of added path


4. Right click on the newly added library folder -> Select Use all.


Selecting the added library for use


Creating your PCB project

1. Expand Project Option and Right Click on Project Tab.

2. Select  ‘Create New Project’. You can name it Security Circuit.

3. Right Click on the New Project you created -> Select New -> Schematic.


Creating New Project


4. The Schematic Window will open where we will create  our first Schematic for our board but before that we need to specify the libraries intended to use.

5. Click on Library -> Library Manager -> Available Tab -> Select all shown libraries -> Click Use.


Selection of Libraries to use 


6. Click on the Add Part button -> Search for Arduino under Adafruit for latest -> Click Select and put it anywhere on the drawing sheet -> press ESC.

Eagle PCB installation page


7. Similarly search for PIR from Diy-Module that can be downloaded from here,  Relay, barrel connector unit, GND, Capacitor and Header Pin in the search bar and place them on the canvas.

8. Click on the Net icon and make the connections as shown in fig below.


Arrangement of Components on Schematic File


9. Then click on the Board/Scheme Button to automatically create a Board File

10. Once the Board file is created you will see your components out of the PCB, just click the move button and drag them to the PCB board


Arrangement of Components on Board File


11. The click on the DRC button -> Sizes -> minimum width -> change to 30 mil


Design Rule Setup

12. Once done click the Autorouter button and you will end up with a diagram like this.

13. In case some connection are not made click on Route Airwire button -> select -> quick route air wire -> click on the lines that are not connected.


There you go!


Final Circuit Layout 


Your PCB design is ready. Save the file. Click on Cam Tool -> Select the Gerber Option on Left Panel ->  Click Process Job -> select the location to save

We observed that the wires size by default is 30 mm. Similarly you can change the drill size and much more using DRC.

We would love to see what you build out of these learnings!

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