unavailability of medicines in remote areas

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  • Hilly areas, especially ones that aren't fortunate enough to grab tourism as hill stations, are stranded in the sea of established metropolitan waves and movement, the biggest challenge for survival is the relative unavailability of up-to-date medicine which leads to small diseases claiming unreasonably high body count. Delivery of medicine in such human-hostile areas is the crux of the problem we have taken up to tackle. 

  • john and jane doe have lived contently on their property, removed from the bustle of metropolitan life and debauchery. Their exemplary daily habits have kept them happy and healthy for the major part of their life, so much so that the apparent lack of advanced medicine in the village is but a fleeting observation. However, their only child has, through inescapable osmosis of modern ways, somewhat given up on the healthy ways of life which has led him to be ill-stricken with disease. The lack of medicine is now a gaping hole in his parents' mind but there recently has been a landslide which has cut-off all their means to the city. This example captures the essence of people we have targeted in dealing with our problem statement. The child is a playground for worse diseases with degrading health and environment about him, his parents are left as mere spectators, tending to his pain than helping in his cure, all according to nature's will. Such people have their entire lives and families on the line due to the remove from civilization in times of calamities and we seek to help these people out by trying to get drones to carry out the lightweight tasks of carrying medicines. The drones can also carry out supplementary tasks such as surveillance.

  • Q: What is the biggest challenge living here?

    A: The distance from larger civilization isn't such a big issue when you are self-sufficient but during heavy rains there is landslide and transport is completely cut off. The damp weather fosters diseases and there is an absence of proper medicine during those times.

    Q: Any experience on how grave the situations turn out to be?

    A: I have lost a cousin to the outbreak of disease nearly a dozen seasons ago. Heavy fever and unrelenting bouts of nausea sucked him dry before death liberated him. 

    Q: Have the people not tried to approach the Government/officials in solution to their problem?

    A: We have approached the authorities and even got a village doctor appointed but they are a temporary presence and are of negligible help in the time of needs. The hierarchy is just too complicated and corrupt for simple men of the village to navigate through much less oppose.    

    Q: Why haven't the village authority tried to keep stacks of medicine in store for dire times?

    A: The village isn't exactly advanced. The hours with light & electricity are met with the glee and fascination of the annual village fair, the concept of electric refrigeration is foreign to this society and the stack will never survive in such conditions, on the contrary, it might even turn out to be another headache in dire times.

    Q: How do you keep up with the rest of the world?

    A: The cellphone connection is surprisingly serviceable and is the primary mode of entertainment.

    Q: Would you collaborate if we were to use modern technology to help through your case?

    A: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Visit to a hilly remote region during summer holidays
    2.  The village people tell us their problems
    3.  We were a part of Aeroclub in MNNIT so we decided to tackle this issue through the use of drones
    4.  Readied a plan and things required to reach our goals
    5.  looking for financial help and guidance for the project.
February 2, 2020

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