Unavailability of a proper SOS system for post calamity circumstances

  • Sagar Gautam Panda, Subhakanta Satapathy
  • When someone is stuck at a remote place with no network reception or after a natural calamity such as flood or cyclone where the network coverage is very limited and the availability of network becomes a problem for weeks.This creates a situation where people are unable to communicate with anyone

    112  is an emergency number in India, but it only works when one has signal on their mobile phone. So people can't access it in the absence of network. 

    And in India till date it doesn't work. 

    Moreover if someone is lost in a place where there is no network coverage and he needs immediate medical help.The person can't get it because  he don't have a network only. 

  • It affects literally everyone.. because no one can predict who is going to get into an emergency.

  • I talked to a number of people regarding whether they faced this issue or not. And it was a strong YES from 80 percent of the people that YES they faced this problem. And when i asked whether they could use the services that runs as an emergency protocol. It was about 30 percent only who said YES. while rest said they never knew or never could connect to anything because they had no network. When I asked whether they would like to donate a nominal fees for the implementation of this system property.. the majority i.e. around 60 percent said YES. 

  • converstaion with 4 of my friends mukesh, mahesh, riya and taniya 

    me: yo!! how are u all..today want to share something with u that is a very simple yet very concerning topic

    mahesh: and what is it? 

    me: it's quite simple actually. 3 numbers literally..

    mahesh: let me guess...ummm... is it emergency calling?

    me: exactly

    riya: looks like u have something cooking in ur mind?

    me: not like that but yeah have faced this problem recently during fani.. although we got supplies but we couldn't contact with anyone

    mukesh: yeah i and my father were once lost in the ladakh.. it was a long night for sure.. we had nothing as extra supplies for food or water.. nor did we had our mobile networks.

    that's why the emergency also didn't work

    me: yeah.. that doesn't when u dont have network..and that's what am trying to solve actually.

    taniya: how will u solve it sagar?u know about these tech things but not that u can build something new yet!!

    mukesh: wait a minute.. sagar weren't u talking about something thingqbator?..

    me: yeah the cicso thingqbator..it is the place where i will learn about these stuffs and according to me simple radio signals are enough to transmit these messages.. so maybe we will develop something together for use of the people so that they can get out of these situations easier..

November 21, 2019

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