Unavailability of a human body finder scanner in case of a natural calamity

  • Sagar Gautam Panda
  • When someone is stuck after a natural calamity under a lot of broken matter. It quite impossible to detect whether there is a person or not under those broken products. Unavailability of such a scanner is a very big issue.

  • Government rescue teams who need to make out as much as survivers alive. It can save a lot of lives

  • Is was a very strong yes. When i asked whether is would be great if they had a scanner like this. Many people said that they had heard of survivers who had to eat human flesh for survival under the destruction coz it would take weeks and sometime months to get to these places.

  • They (people whose relatives had been stuck under the devastation) were very happy to know that people are starting to think about the issues of the survival under these circumstances. Easily so that all the survivers or bodies can be extracted easily

November 10, 2019

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