• RIDE-LIFTING (also car-sharing, ride-pooling and lift-sharing) is the sharing of car/bike/Scotty journeys so that more than one person travels in a vehicle, and prevents the need for others to have to drive to a location themselves.

    People do want to car pool as it contributes to saving your mother earth but can’t .Because people especially females  will always have an issue related to their security, timings, the routes, the kind of people around her etc.there is no authorization of the person traveling (driver),or the person you are traveling with(passengers).

    Also when we use public transport we have to be in uncomfortable situation for eg -stand for 2 hrs in crowded places.Whereas using personal cabs or cars rises our expenses.There are times when cost is taken care of but the time taken for traveling increases.So cost, safety ,time or comfort we need to trade off one of them in order to reach our destination.

  • TRAVELING: All the people of different age group who travel for any reason ,it maybe be for work, studying, visiting places , exploring , etc.

    all age groups


October 5, 2019

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