Travel Inconvenience

  • Muskan Lalit, Rishita Anand Sachdeva, Lisa Chandra, Mehak Sangwan
  • Whenever we wish to travel from one place to the other in metropolitan cities like Delhi, there are a lot of route options with varying cost, time, safety and comfort levels. It is a highly daunting task to evaluate all the available options such as, metro, ola, uber, auto, shuttl, dtc buses etc and find the most suitable one for us based on the above mentioned factors. There are applications like ola and uber that can provide an in-depth analysis of one transport option, i.e. cabs, but does not give an overview considering all possible options.

  • Public transport users of metropolitan cities like Delhi

  • Interview taken of a college student

    Name: Meenakshi

    Gender: Female

    Age group: 16-21 yrs

    Ques. How often do you use pubic transport?

    Ans. Everyday. I go to college via metro.

    Ques. Do you face this problem?

    Ans. Yes, it takes a lot of time to switch between apps to find the best route for my journey. It is an everyday issue. 

    Ques. Do you know anyone who does?

    Ans. Yes. Everyone who does not own their private vehicle has to face this issue on a daily basis. Most of my college friends who use the public transport face this problem.

    Ques. Do you think it would be more convenient if you could get all the information regarding the available public transport options around you in one place?

    Ans. Of course! It would definitely save a lot of time and energy. Traveling would become so much easier.

    Ques. Will you be willing to download an application that can solve this issue?

    Ans. Definitely. All of my friends would download it too.


  • Before: Users found it difficult to find the perfect fitting route for them which was cost effective and time efficient. They had to spend a lot of time analysing all the options available for them. Unaware users ended up spending more time and money than was necessary.

    After: Users would be one-tap away from finding the best route for themselves, saving a lot of time and money. The discounts/cash backs offered by our application will also make them satisfied. They will find the user-friendly interface much more appealing than the manual way.


October 20, 2019

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