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  • Two-wheeler On-demand-cab service drivers lose potential customers due to unfamiliarity with new neighborhoods & customers lose time due to the same reason. Becoming an on-demand-cab driver like Rapido™ captains, is a secondary job & these captains as such are unfamiliar with the various destinations the customers need to go and they either ask pedestrians for the routes, or frequently refer to their mobiles which adds to danger of being on two wheels and loss of time. Some reasons of road accidents are:-

    Car accidents due to human error - One of the most common causes of road accidents is human error. However, we can only control our own driving and not that of other drivers on the road. Some of the causes for human errors while driving include:

    Distracted driving - The increase in technology gadgets built directly into the vehicles have played a part in causing distraction to drivers. Some of the common elements that cause distraction include dvd players, cell phones, and presence of noisy children or pets. Activities such as applying make-up or browsing the internet while one is behind the wheel should be strictly prohibited.

    Intoxication - Driving under the influence of heavy medication, alcohol, or drugs falls in the category of human errors. If you do not have a clear mind, you are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. 

    Unfamiliar territories - Being unfamiliar with the area you are driving in can lead to accidents as well. Imagine how easy it is to turn around a corner at a faster pace than you should be doing. Hence, not knowing/following the rules of the road at an unfamiliar place puts one at a higher risk of an accident.

    Source:  https://bit.ly/36TvMpV

  • Drivers frequent stops to look for directions or ask for routes also effects the service providers net income. Most people think that amount of fuel lost while idling is negligible, but in reality, the fuel burned while idling at a stop adds up quickly and costs them a large portion of income.Dangers increase when these drivers drive on district roads. district roads have high density of vehicles and when these drivers glance at their mobiles, it becomes very dangerous for not only the driver and the customer but also for the vehicles around them.

  • Our team member Aman Kumar Singh came across this problem while going home for Durga Puja holidays. He had booked a bike ride from the College Campus to Bhubaneshwar Railway Station (around 12 km away).

    Aman - Team Member and the Interviewer

    Nikhil - A new driver for Rapido and the Interviewee


    Nikhil - Sir, are you familiar with the route to the Railway Station?

    Aman - No, I'm new here. Why? You don't know the way?

    Nikhil - Nothing sir. Just asking.

    [Aman noticed that Nikhil was constantly fidgeting around with his phone while driving. He wanted to say something but he was in a hurry and didn't want to start an argument. A few minutes later, Nikhil stopped the bike and started searching for something on his phone]

    Aman - Brother, I'm in a hurry. Is there a problem? You're checking your phone so many times! I'll miss my train. And what if there is an accident due to your carelessness?

    Nikhil - Sorry sir. To be honest, I'm also a college student. I do this job part-time to earn some extra money. Even I'm not from here, so I'm not familiar with the route. I was just checking Google Maps to make sure we're on the right route but the app got stuck. Don't worry, it's fixed now. I'll get you to the railway station on time.

    Aman - Okay then.

    [The ride continues. But the driver had to look on his many times for the right directions. He even had to ask a few passer-bys for the route as the map wasn't accurate in some areas.]

    Aman - You always face this problem?

    Nikhil - Yes brother. It creates a lot of problems. Nearby places I can manage. But anywhere far and I need some guidance. If the customer knows the route, then it's easy. Otherwise we've to use our phones or ask the passerbys. No other way around it.

    Aman - Must be affecting your work a lot, no?

    Nikhil - Sure does. If we get many rides like this altogether, the number of rides we manage to complete that day decreases drastically. Sometimes, we even fall short of our daily target. That loss of incomes is small, but sure hurts at the end of the month.

    Aman - What if there was some cheap alternative? Something that wouldn't hurt the wallet but do the necessary job?

    Nikhil - That would work I guess. But it must be safe and easy to use. Stuff like phone stands are dangerous. It's already unsafe driving a bike while looking at your phone. Just last week, my friend Rahe sprained his ankle while driving.

    Aman - Yeah. It must be safe to use. Something that wouldn't be too distracting.

    Nikhil - Yes. Something simple. And if it's also cheap, then people like us will definitely try it out.

    Aman - Got it. Thanks for sharing all this.


    Source - https://drive.google.com/file/d/14hhkb4asSt3AytY1-YDC7MEl0Ohpqi5M/view?usp=drivesdk

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p96-iFnB3PQ4Lc3e_qhUPDcvcZpKBYfJ

November 20, 2019

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