Traffic management

  • I.T.E.R
  • MD. Azmal
  • Currently traffic management is this static timing based system that doesn't take into account any sort of real life day to day data of how traffic actually flows in the city .

    This causes unnecessary delays and lack of reliability in terms of time taken for transport 

  • Anyone taking any mode of transport for travelling 

  • Interviewer - how long is your travel from college to home or back ?

    Jivitesh - there is a big variance - it can be from anywhere like 45 mins to 1.5 hours 

    Interviewer - why is that ? .

    Jivitesh- there are 6 traffic junctions that basically decide my fate on if I'm going to miss the class or if I'm going to the first person arriving at college  

  • Before -  travellers having unreliable travelling times withing a city 


    After - artificial intelligence based traffic signaling timings optimize and smoothen traffic flow for reliability and less congestion 

November 9, 2019

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