Traffic density monitering system

  • Traffic congestion and ideal traffic is one of the daily occurance in country like India, where the drivers gets a lot of stress.Moreover a lot of time and fuels  get wasted.To ease this problem a density based traffic signal can be used where it detects the traffic density in each road in a junction and changes the timing of the traffic signal based on the traffic density using some image processing techniques from the image captured from the CCTV  in the signal. This project also have some emergeny handling situations like when an ambulance  is struck in a traffic ,the green signal is showed to the lane where the ambulance arives.


  • one of the regular problem faced by the traffic police is,during some high time when the traffic is extremely high  in a single lane and others lanes in a junction are less densed ,instead of operating the signal manually this would automatically annalyse and regulate the traffic or else if the time is divided equally between the signal the lane which is highly densed waits for a longer time which wastes a lots of time and fuel and also there will be no necessity for the traffic police's physical presences in these situations.Also fuel wastages can be controlled which give rises to a healthy environment and more milages to the vehicel.  


  • 1.In a junction of 4 roads if a  road leads to a city whereas the remaining 3 roads leads to the outskirts,the road which leads to the city is the one which would have the high traffic density and the remaining roads would have the least traffic density.As per the current traffic management system every single road would get the same amount of time for the green signal irrespective of their traffic density.

    2.Every single person who drives and  the ambulance drivers

    3.During a rush to the hospital ,due to heavy traffic the ambulance got struck in the traffic.The cars in front of the ambulance turn helpless in this situation.They could move only if the signal in front of the turns green.So in this situation this module will be very helpful.


    5. Rs 500

  • when 4 roads meet in a junction the less densed road and the highly densed road gets a equal time say 60 sec.the less densed road is free after 40 sec and the rest 20 sec there will be no car passing through the signal.

    when this module is deployed in the junction based on the density it evaluates and the timing is adjusted automatically.So these kind of probles could be ignored 

November 13, 2019

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