Town bus tracker

  • Sudarshana, Divya Shankar, Ankitha, Keerthika
  • A lot of us have faced the problem where we do not know if the particular bus went or not. There were times when we predicted the bus has left and taken other transports that are much more costlier. Here is a problem where we can have a chip installed in every bus stop and bus. whenever the corresponding bus had passed the bus stop, the frequency of the chip in the bus and the chip in the busstop will match and an LED will glow. this way the local people will know if the bus has left or not. 

  • local residence who uses bus as a mode of transport

  • a lot of times, I have personally faced this problem because I don't know if the bus has left or not and taken auto to my destination only to discover the bus behind me or coming in the opposite direction. 

    PS: an application will not be effective as not all town bus travellers have smart phones with internet connection with them

  • same as above

November 10, 2019

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