Thefting of Motorvehicles

  • 1. Swarup Mishra
  • In this modern time peoples are growing up according to the atmosphere but they are being carelessness to their vehicles so there are a lot increase in vehicle stoling. Vehicle stoling is a very common thing for thieves  now so people are facing a lot of problem for it. If the person is from a middle class person he may have heart stock because vehicle was a most important and precious object for him/her. When vehicle stolen then he has to face a lot of problem. As we are living in technical life so technical things are a part of our life when they are apart from their technical life. 

  • I am mentioning a real incident which i saw mentioned  below -

    I was present in a fair which is nearer to our home  when I was leaving that place I noticed that someone is sitting in the ground and crying continuously. Then I investigate the matter then I got to know that the bike of that person was stolen in that fair so he was crying because he belongs to middle class  man and bike is a part of his life because he was a medicine representative so he was fired his job and he joined in farming with his father and his family had gone through  bad situation.

  • No, I have not faced this situation but I saw people going through this situation . 

    There was Block level science exhibition in my school and suddenly some people ran at a particular location then i asked a person what happend then he said one persons bike was stolen and the person whos bike was stolen is my neighbor , he searched a lot but he cant find his bike at-lastly he returned his house. He was very sad because one member of his family was lost , he has two sons and one daughter and one of his son was physically handicapped so he used to drop his son to school then he cant drop his son sometimes his son cant go to his school. His family suffered a lot of problems.

    One day I went to his house and ask him about his problems then i ask if there is some extra security can you use it then he said if it would be in low cost he should use it not only he all middle class family will use it.Again he said it would be in low cost so all will use it and secure his vehicle .

  • 150 cars is stealing per day only  in Delhi. In the previous year 8B Dollars amount of cars which will be around 8 lacks 0f cars were stolen only in America. The Main source of car stealing is America,Africa and Asia which continents are at higher levels in world now. 

    You can also chake country wise stoling of motor vehicles in this link -  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motor_vehicle_theft

November 21, 2019

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