Sustainable solutions for agriculture

  • Krishna Sharma S , Shri Hari Nithin K M, Samyukth S S
  • Farmer's in rural areas have been facing a crisis due to crop failure. This is mainly due to pests, diseases , unpredictable rain and infertile soil.

    As a result suicide rates are also increasing in rural India.

  • Farmer's in rural areas of India

  • Shri Hari Nithin: Tell us why has your harvest been poor?

    Farmer: Pests have been attacking our crops, we don't know how to deal with them. Also, rain is unpredictable nowadays so crops which need lots of water will not grow well. Also we don't know what is lacking in the soil to make the crops grow.

    Shri Hari Nithin: what difficulties are farmers facing now?

    Farmer: farmers all over India are facing difficulties. You must have heard of the suicides in many villages.

    Shri Hari Nithin: Have you found a solution yet?

    Farmer: We have tried many pesticides but we found the pests very late. We should have found it earlier.

    Shri Hari Nithin: How much are you willing to pay for a solution?

    Farmer: We are from a poor background. So, we can't pay much. However, we would like this problem to be over soon.

    Shri Hari Nithin: ok. We'll keep this in mind.

  • Before: Farmers faced difficulties due to crop failure due to pests and diseases. Unpredictable weather and poor soil quality also posed a problem to them. Many farmers of India commited suicide due to crop failure in the past.

    After: This project uses machine learning to help identify pests and diseases at an early stage. The system is trained with data on pests and diseases and it checks the crops. It suggests appropriate measures for farmers. Also it observes weather pattern and soil and tells the farmers what crops to grow and what fertilizer to use to get maximum yield. This will help farmers get a good produce.

November 14, 2019

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