Surveillance and spying

  • Vignesh Vishwanath
  • Surveillance, especially in the defense(enemy territories) is a challenging task. UAVs and drones have recently been the trend. This idea would ensure more safety.

  • Military officers who plan a secret operation, farmers who require technological assistance for agriculture, Police/ detectives who want to survey inaccessible areas.

  • Do you know how safe and efficient drones are in the areas of defense surveillance?

    How much do you think have drones helped people in these areas?

    Have Micro Air Vehicles replaced the conventional fighters?

  • Basically this project is about launching drones from RC plane. Consider a powerful RC model. In its belly, it will carry a drone. First, the plane flies to the desired area of concern. When it reaches the target site, the drone is dropped down. Once dropped, it automatically starts to operate. It surveys the site, collects data and does its job. Until then the RC Plane keeps flying in the air and surveys possible sites(maybe another nearby site). Here we hope to make the drone automatic or semi-automatic and establish communication between the plane and the drone. Dropping the quad can be done using electromagnets.....i.e.  current is made to pass through iron rods on the RC Plane, to which the quad holds on. Once it reaches the site, it gets demagnetized and the quad drops. Similarly, the quad holds on to the plane and the plane takes off. This can be closely related to an eagle diving through the air and taking away its prey from the ground! This is extremely useful maybe at nights or when we need to have a quick survey. We can achieve precision and save time. Can also be used to improve the range of operation. Can be used in places where there is tight security; micro drones can be used.

November 12, 2019

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