support system for farmers

  • shivani giri , Akanksha , Harshita
  • Prediction of rain and local weather based based on the available 100 years of rainfall data and modelling a farmer support system .

  • As due to global warming and other pollution factors the rainy season is becoming  unpredictable , somewhere there is drought  in the time of rainy season and sometimes people facing flood in that similar area  due to rain .  Due to all this unpredictable nature farmers are facing a very huge loss . 

  • I don't personally face this problem but i get to connect myself with this idea after the several incident that occurs every year in our country. I want to help farmers by building an application for them so that they can be aware of all the circumstances and we can support them with various crops idea with the that they can grow under that conditions.

  • step 1:  User will install the app from Play store .

    step 2: User will  register details with name, age , gender, address, phone number., adhaar number.

    step 3: User will get login and select the month , area, type of soil , field area, .

    step 4:user will get to know how many kind of crops he can grow in that particular season.

October 20, 2019

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