supermarket easy shopping

  • G.Karthick Chandran, Shri Hari Prajapati, Abhinaav Maanav V
  • A lot of time get's wasted while waiting in the queue for billing shopped items.  

  • The busy customers, trying to save every second possible, and the supermarket, trying to resolve the crowd to attract more customers.

  • 1.) Have you ever faced this problem?

           Yes, quite often.

    2.) When  does it affect you the most?

           Whenever I am in a hurry and often tend to miss on a lot of important tasks due to delay during billing at the supermarket.

    3.) If the problem gets solved, how do you think it will help the customers and shopkeepers?

    Customers, will no longer have to wait in long queues to bill each and every item they purchase individually. They can save a lot of time while shopping, making it an enjoyable and peaceful process. 

  • Mr. Shriram, once missed an important meeting, as last minute shopping cost him, way too much a delay that he could never compensate. Hence, a solution must be brought in, in order to save valuable time and energy. 

November 14, 2019

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