Stave off awkwardness

  • Chiranjibee Mohapatra Dibyaprakash Prusty Asish Kumar Mohapatra Biswajit Sahoo
  • Now a days the most strenuous thing that communication.At the time when we communicate with others some statements that offend the in fron. Sometimes they feel awkward.That's why we need stave of awkwardness.Many people face this type of situation and for this type of offend statements of parents so many student feel depressed and they also attempts suicide.Some mentally weak people can't clasp this type of offend statements.They face the whole society for their loss.

  • STAVE OF AWKWARDNESS-Student,from Silicon institute.

  • 1.Yes,as a student from my parents,from my friends and from other people of society.Because of my failure always i face this type of awkward situations.It makes me depressed and it demotivates very much.

    2.Yes,some of my friends and my own brother also.

    3.One of my friend became very depressed and he also attempts to suicide.

    4.We can make an app for people for awareness otherwise we also can make a device for this which can rectify others reaction so that we can decrease this type of mishap.For solving this type of problem or making devices or app we already start working on it.

    5.My all the hard work,time and experience.

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November 9, 2019

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