State Hospitals Management System App

  • Srijit Panja, Ahammed Shamil K
  • Currently, we need to go to hospitals, and then stand in long queues, then get the patient admitted and then only treatment starts. If an app is built through which the whole process can be made online, starting from calling an ambulance(just like app-cabs) on the app itself, to getting patient admitted, to transactions, to checking availability of beds, doctors, getting online prescriptions, etc - in short tracking and participating(paying) in the whole treatment and transaction process in the app itself will help solve the problem. 

  • Any patient who needs to get admitted to hospital.

  • Interview 1: Saptarshi Hazra, Final Year MBBS Student, NRS College, Kolkata

    Me: Will automating the whole medical process ease up things?

    Sap: Yes, it will. Standing in long queues to the whole delay that is caused due to manual handling of things can be completely avoided by making processes online. I as an interning doctor now, understand this, even more. This will increase the trust that patients put on doctors, the flow being transparent, as it is online. Moreover, doctor-patient unrest is a major issue in Kolkata, specifically, and also in other parts. From that specific point of view, regarding availability of doctors, beds, medicines and tracking down of whole process will be transparent, the major inconvenience we face now, which can be broadly mentioned as huge gap in professional communication between doctors and patients can be minimized or even abolished.

    Me: If the automated mechanism requires the hospitals and medical organization or fraternity to buy the product to make use of it, how would you think they would take it? Will they be eager to pay high rates, in case we decide to fix it so?

    Sap: See, as it is, the medical thing is all about lumpsome amounts of money - both from the hospital side and from the patient side. They are as it is, paying good money to people who are managing it manually. When the online mechanism comes into existence, the money would go there, instead of going to these manual hands. So, I believe, it won't be much of a problem to pay even high rates for some betterment.

    Me: Okay brother, it was nice talking to you. Got some good insights. Thank you.

    Sap: Anytime. Happy to help!

    Interview 2: Aishani Majumder, B.Sc, CAT Aspirant (recently had her father's Bypass Surgery)

    Me: Hi Aishani. Given that you recently had a hospital experience, we would like to know to from you, what are some major inconveniences that you faced during the whole process in your father's medical context?

    Aishani: Finding a quick ambulance at late at night was the first problem I faced. Then, when we reached the hospital, though not much, still we suffered some delay, in the registration process, and then the doctor was assigned. In short, there were many moments, when the patient, my dad was kept unattended, for papers, registration, admission came before a person suffering. And these actually non medical works would take up a lot of time and as patient party, it becomes quite tension-giving at times.

    Me: Suppose, we fix it somehow, we bring out a solution, would you be interested in buying it?

    Aishani: How can one be in the pool of not buying a medical solution. In case you decrease the delays anyhow, and bring out a better process, I would surely be aligned to purchasing it, irrespective of what it costs, obviously given it doesn't cost like diamonds (laughs).

    Me (after a laugh) : Okay, sure. Would inform you if we can come out with any solution. Nice talking to you.

    Aishani: Looking forward to good news.

  • https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1taV_fGhT9EoiLhM3jLYY-scN-7qZxQtP?usp=sharing

October 26, 2019

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