Sparrow Conservation

  • Nikita Pal,Kashika Hingorani
  • The sparrow population is decreasing at an alarming rate. A few years back we could see so many sparrows but now we can barely see them. They are an important part of the food chain and the ecosystem and decline in their numbers can badly affect us. It is due to bad architecture, cutting down of trees and lack of habitable places for them.https://www.thehindu.com/features/kids/save-our-sparrows/article4496787.ece

  • People are not aware of the consequences of their decline and are shifting towards the box architecture style. The government should take the problem seriously. It is common people who can create a difference and neet to be well informed Many associations are working towards the cause and need actual statistics to move towards their goals. Better and real numbers are required to track their movements and breeding to work on measures to conserve them.

  • https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/the-house-sparrow-is-homeless-a-small-attempt-to-conservation-2332-2543.1000124.php?aid=25984


    I have mailed WWF INDIA and organisations, interview questions and I am awaiting their reply

  • Before: No tracking system for sparrows, no awareness among people.

    After: We can make use of drones to track their population and they can be used to spread food for them. We can also install cameras in wooden boxes and track their movements and breeding. The recordings can be made public using an app which could help in spreading awareness regarding their decline.

October 20, 2019

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