Social and economic issue

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  • 1.If we should start a business we need to focus on today's problem.. In India polythene had been banned but still at many places it's in use illegally because the non affordable of jute, paper and cotton bags..
    If we should start a jute, cotton or else paper bag industry it can be much helpful.
    Moreover odisha is being famous for jute production and India for cotton production as a result gdp towards agricultural industry can increase and it can be a step towards manufacturing industry.

    2-As compared to developed countries economy their country's gdp is much more high in service sectors.. Which we can grab for India's future economy.. Today's most prevailing problem in India is the sector of education and training industry.. It had been surveyed if we started giving training to India's youth it can bring a huge change in our economy.. So govt started skill development programs.. Like wise if we focus on training industry for the time being it can be more effective for example it had been a great prblm for today's people to manage their health due to hectic schedule so suffering many a diseases.. Trying a lot of medicines and many more to keep healthy.. At times Ayurvedic had been failed because of the use of pesticides and insecticides for the production of medicinal plants.. So Ayurvedic field is going to have a great loss.. In this case we are still not aware about the use of Himalayan Berry.. But our country export it to different other countries..

  • Because of financial issues and fear of risks taking capacity ,we fear to have startup but direct seelling is it's solution. 

  • Mostly as a lower middle class family, many times because of these upper mentioned issues we can't have a startup. But thought many at times to have our own business. 

    Yes, most young Entrepreneurs are having their opinion about this. Now it's the most successful persons involved in network marketing.

    I am in this platform last one year. 

    This is the solution of business fear 

    It's need a minimum amount hardly near about rs-20000

  • its really helpful to every youth atleast to create an entrepreneural mindset but it's need right ways to choose. 

November 8, 2019

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