Smog purifier

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  • Rajnish kumar
  • Mother Nature is the best companion and the worst enemy. We have always seen how one pays the price if we harm nature, let it be Global Warming or Tsunami or in
    our case SMOG. SMOG as the name suggest is a combination of SMOKE and FOG. It is formed when different pollutants react with smoke in low temperature and it
    decreases visibility range and cause different breathing problem and adversely affect bronchitis in our lungs. The best method to decrease smog is plantation but again
    it takes a lot of time.  All these gases (NOx, SOx,COx) are harmful constituents of air, which are present in adversely polluted cities and all
    these have different ways of separation too. This also works as a low level ozone layer so due to this heat also gets trapped and the temp. Starts to rise

  • The most dangerous component in smog is PAN. PANs have many adverse effects in the human body such as reduced respiratory function and eye irritation, and may also be linked to emphysema, impaired breathing and other lung problems.Human exposure to PANs typically occurs in urban centers where automobile and industrial emissions are high.

  • 1)i have faced this problem in Delhi when I was on my way to Roorkee after my arrival to the airport just after 2 hrs my eyes were full of water and they were burning.

    2)smog is a global problem right now so many city faces this problem.

    3)Thr best examples for this will be Los Angeles and Delhi and i had an experience in Delhi, I was having issues in breathing too and there was a lot of heat coz smog forms a layer at low level and it traps heat.

    4)Right now there is only one country which is China which has a solution to this but they have not mentioned this anywhere that how do they do it.

    5)As of now I really don't care about the cost of this solution because if this is not solved there will be no human race that can survive this. 

November 9, 2019

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