Smartness against Air pollution.

  • →The Remedy against air pollution is planting trees, reduce emissions  – which is a long time process

        and involves a whole lot of people to bring the change.

    →Instead a solution that is other way around will be smart.

    →In India most commuters are exposed to open polluted air. Eventhough they use masks they are

        not 100% safe.

    →So its time that people use a mask to know the quality of air they face everyday, the amount of

        particles getting filtered, what their internal breath quality is and collectively using these data to

        analyze and avoid lung disorders.

  • →Bikers, cyclists, public transport users, almost every people living in cities that have high PM level.

    →People curious to know their breath quality to take prior safety measures.

    →Regular commuters who are concerned about their health.

October 6, 2019

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