Smart Waste Segregator

  • Ananthapadmanabha M V,Dhanesh Kumar A C,Vishnu kumar S,Srivathsan S
  • In India though the government has tried to implemented various waste management techniques, waste segregation has been a lazy process for the residents in India, also many illiterate people does not have the knowledge to segregate waste. Therefore it has always been a extra burden for the municipality workers to segregate recyclable waste from the huge masses of garbage, this also causes wide range of rare diseases with a death toll amounting to an whooping average of 90 deaths annually per 100,000 workers. Garbage segregation is also regarded as the 5th most deadliest job globally. To ease their burdens,  a prototype for automatic waste segregation which also sends a alert message to the corporation if the garbage is filled has been taken as a problem statement.

  • The main target audience is municipal workers who segregate garbage. This project effectively reduces the time consumed in segregating the waste. Hence the time through which the municipal workers are exposed to the harmful waste.  So if this prototype is used as a consumer based product and a basic household device it will be of greatest use to the waste management workers of municipal corporation.

    1. Yes, this problem is faced everyday in segregating the waste collected from each house. Since this process consumes a lot of time it is a big burden for us(municipal workers).
    2. Yes, all my co-worker in the waste management face similar issues.
    3. Segregating a voluble waste single handed and unnoticed overflowing garbage causes us lot of trouble on everyday basis
    4. No, there is nobody has ever come up with a solution.
    5. Rs.2000-3000  
  • After this prototype is brought to effectiveness the problems faced by garbage collectors will be greatly reduced. Also the overflowing garbage has caused untidy environments and this prototype will reduce the number of overflowing garbage. Moreover illiteracy will also not be a hindrance in segregation of waste in India.   

November 13, 2019

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