Smart Stove

  • Sanjai Lal T S, Arun Vigesh V G, Bharani Surya S, Shivendra Dhanush C M

    Spark and Motivation

    • The flame goes off by the wind, spills from vessels without user knowledge accidentally.
    • User forgets to put off the stove. (distress/wastage of gas)
    • The total number of accidental deaths by cooking gas cylinder/stove burst in India is greater than 3000 every since 2014 in India.


             Our product will be a small module that can be attached to any stove available on the market. It consists of a sensor (MQ2 for gas and flame detection, ultrasonic for the vessel, sound module for whistle count, accelerometer for the position of the knob) which work together to provide the real-time status of the stove and turn it off in emergency situations. All the controls and status can be visualized from the mobile app(except for turning on the stove as it would be dangerous in certain situations).



  • Target customers will be household with wifi connectivity.


October 29, 2019

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