Smart stove

  • Divya ,Keerthika , Sudharshana, Ankitha
  • Nowadays people don't get time to cook patiently.So they end up spilling milk or they over toast .

  • This product will be of great use for those who don't have a great knowledge in cooking .

  • This smart stove first displays a common menu . Then user click on the desiered one .According to the dish clicked gas flow is regulated. For example : to bake dosa - initially the flame is put up high for the pan get heated up and then to medium when the batter is spread on it. So this smart stove should monitor the temperature of the pan and indicate the chef to start spreading the batter when the pan is heated up to the correct temperature.

  • I thought about this a month ago . When my mom over toasted the dosa.

November 14, 2019

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