Smart Stick for Visually Impared

    • India home to 20% of world's visually impaired. Nearly 40 million people in India including 1.6 million children are blind or visually impaired.
    • According to my personal experience with my uncle who is visually impaired but he is very much talented, he is a national wide chess cahmpion and he is presently working as a senior accountant in National Insurance company.
    • He does his daily routines in a similar manner as that of a normal person. But the problem he used face is navigation or movement from his home to work place.
    • Because of traffic and various obstacles on road he is no able to go work on his own but need the help of other person for drooping him at office. This made me to think about a device which can help my uncle and make him to go office on his own.
    • As mentioned earlier it is a challenge for visually impaired person for navigating from home to office on his own in a traffic.
    • So there is a need for such a device which can assist him while walking about the obstacle available in front o him.
    • The device should also capable of giving the commands to the user to move forward left or right depending on the obstacle available in front of him.
    • So there is a need for converting a ordinary blind stick into a smart blind stick with some sensors installed on it.
  • My idea Mainly focuses on the following persons

    • Visually impaired people who used to travel daily from their home to work place.
    • People who are suffering from nyctalopia (Night Blindness) who can use it at night.
    • Older persons who suffer with vision loss in elder age.
  • The Various advantages of my idea are

    • The device will become a effective way for visually impaired persons for their easy navigation from one place to other especially for working people.
    • The device is simple to handle as it consists of only sensors installed on a conventional blind stick, the user can fold the stick in a normal as that of conventional blind stick,.
    • It will also provide quick commands to the user in such a way that he can by pass or cross a obstacle safely.
    • Making a prototype for a smart blind stick is very simple because it require a arduino uno or any processor, ultrasonic sensors and a conventional blind stick.
    • In the initial stage we will build a basic prototype in which ultrasonic sensors are integrated with the processor so that it can detect the obstacle and provide a command in which direction there is no obstacle via a speaker connected to the processor.
    • After successful testing of the basic prototype a final model is prepared with ultrasonic sensor and processor installed on the conventional blind stick. 
    • My assumption is this way of providing assistance to visually impaired people is best and mainly help them in navigation.
    • There are no other effective methods for helping in navigation of the visually impaired people as other methods such give feed back with help of camera and processing image is very difficulty and it become a complex when compared to this method.
    • The ultrasonic sensors used in this device will be effective and chances of failure of ultrasonic sensors are less and this device is more reliable for providing assistance to visually impaired people.
September 29, 2019

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