Smart Projector

  • Jodiss Tribhu,Abhilash Parayil,Yadhu Nandan,Ashwin K
  • This is directed towards orators who faces difficulties(technical) in conducting the session.It aims to eliminate hardware by using set of hand gestures and also to eliminate the need of carrying  personal computers to classes as the presentation can be obtained from any of the cloud storage services.

  • Orator, doing a presentation on a dais

  • 1.Yes, as students who has to conduct presentations on various occasions, often we face difficulties such as unavailability of  proper working remotes or even changing the slides.

    2.Teachers doing demonstrations in classrooms using presentations, Students conducting seminars.

     3.We have often seen our professors having difficulties of getting down the dais to change the slides from his computer which takes up their as well as our valuable time.

    4.One solution for this is a laser presenter but we aim to reduce the hardware dependability and also the need of carrying personal computers for presentations.

    5.Rs 4000

  • As a orator wants to turn on the projector he/she can use one of the set gestures to turn on the projector.It automatically boots into the raspberry pi which then obtain the necessary file which is uploaded by the orator beforehand using a code.After opening the presentation the orator can change the slides using hand gestures thereby making the whole process simpler and smoother.The orator can also easily switch off the projector using a preset hand gesture.

November 13, 2019

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