Smart Pisi-Culture

  • Banita Jaipuria , Sonu Gadewar
  • Different fish species have different and specific range of water quality aspects (temperature, pH, oxygen concentration, salinity, hardness, etc.) within which they can survive, grow and reproduce. It is therefore very important for fish producers to ensure that the physical and chemical conditions of the water remain, as much as possible, within the optimum range of the fish under culture all the time. We will provide an automated solution which will take care of all the things like temperature, pH, oxygen concentration, salinity, hardness, etc and maintain the above factor correctly in that pond’s water according to the fish . Also further expansion will be done like AI and ML according to the fish behavior for their better growth. target user : Every pond/ lake owner who is doing pisciculture and Government.

  • People doing pisci-culture donot know about the acidity,basisty,oxygen level,hardness.So ulitmately fish dies due to in balance of these things. Our idea would resolve these.

    1. Yes (we had pisciculture background)
    2. till now no one
    3. in cloudy area when there is no breeze and air flow no exchnge of oxygen happens,ulimately fishes die.
    4. fishes used to die because of low oxygen, hardness, salinity,acidity,basisity of water is resolved by our idea.
    5. Depends on the size of the pond or lake.Initially 5-6000/month.
  • We haven't started  working on real prototype till now. Also the interview related persons related to pisiculture happened few months back.

November 9, 2019

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