Smart Monitoring wearable for the ICU patients

  • k ajay kumar reddy ,vijayendra sai,hemanth d
  • Medical Research has been the best domain in recent years, there are many patients in recent days who are not being not taken proper care in the ICU units. The stats say that there are around 70% of deaths . (

    so, the idea submitted invokes steps that are solved using technology.

  • hospitals with ICU rooms and even aged people

  • the following discussion happened between a teammate and his family doctor the doctor was surprised about the idea, he said that there existed an idea similar to the one we proposed, but he also said that the idea we proposed in unique and contains some of the implementations from the existing one.

    after a great survey and research family and friends feel that an idea like would be wonderful to be seen in the hospitals.

  • it will be very lightweight and easy use wearable .anyone can understand and will appreciate the job

November 15, 2019

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