Smart Headphones

  • Mihika
  • In 2017, out of all the pedestrian accidents caused while wearing headphones, only in 29% cases did the individual hear a warning sound of any sort and 67% of these individuals were under 30. While wearing headphones, in India, in 55 % of accidents leading to fatalities, the vehicle involved was a train. The solution cannot be to abandon headphones all together, so smarter headphones.

  • Everybody who uses headphones on roads, railway stations and practically anywhere there is a risk of accidents due to not hearing sounds. According to the statistics, the prime-age group: under 30.

  • People crossing busy roads, railway tracks often don't hear the sounds of honks, because they are so engrossed listening to something on their headphones/earphones or they perhaps are watching a video on their phones, which further distract them from the surroundings. This results in numerous and often fatalities, which could have been easily avoided if the user was aware of the incoming danger and gotten out of its path. So smarter headphones with sensors on the outside, noting the sounds and lights can help warn the user in the form of beeps.

  • seeing people carelessly walk on railway tracks and roads with traffic. 

November 14, 2019

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