Smart Glasses for the Blind

  • Skandan.S , Sanjith.V , Harish.S.G , Shakthi Saravanan.S
  • We believe that technology should benefit and reach all sections of the society. So, we want to develop a smart glass to lighten the world of the blind. The features of glass include image recognition, text to speech converter and  sensors to detect obstacles which will enable the blind to understand the surrounding better through machine learning.

  • Smart Glasses: Blind People, not able to read texts, understand images and having difficulty in doing day-to-day activities.

  • 1) Do you face hindrance with your normal walking cane?

    Yes, sometimes, I trip over objects even with my cane.

    2) Do you wish you could understand written and printed texts and images?

    Yes, it really will be useful to know traffic signals and read books.

    3) Do you think you would wear a glass that would enable you to hear texts and hear descriptions of the symbols that your eye is pointing towards?

    Yes, I would love to wear a glass that helps me live my life better. I would prefer if it is subtle and not too costly.


  • Before:

    Trouble walking without hindrance.

    Not able to understand texts and images.


    Walk confidently without tripping over objects.

    Hear written texts and understand images.

November 13, 2019

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