Smart energy saving module

  • Jishnu Vijayan C K, Nasim s, Shiyad A
  • Consumption of energy and predict failure in electronic equipment's and provide monthly current usage .
    • predict the circuit failure.
    • Read the energy use.
    • Sending monthly current usage.
    • Indicate over usage of energy.
    • Check regular usage
    • Assign each devise have specific amount of energy unit.
    • Indicate user the energy details.
  • Our device was place between the object.and it will check the average usage and assign the current. If the object was using higher amount, that we assigned, it will will indicate the user. The device also store this values in cloud and available for further reference. At the last of month it will calculate the amount of energy uasage.

  • Current systems only detect the current/voltage.
    Our module communicate with user. And inform failure.
    Data storage on cloud.
    Calculate monthly electricity bill.
    Inform over load.

January 4, 2019

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