Smart Energy Monitoring

  • Inefficient energy use has been a major issue globally. In Malaysia, the statistics reveal that residential energy consumption has been on a steady increase due to the growing population as well as a lack of awareness within households regarding proper energy utilization that causes significant amount of energy wastage. The emergence of Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a consequence and convergence of several key technologies such as real-time analytics, machine learning, sensors and embedded systems. The application of intelligence in IoT, known as Cognitive IoT (CIoT), will enable decision making based on historical data, and automatically train, learn and troubleshoot future issues. This project proposes a smart energy monitoring system for home appliances incorporating CIoT which consists of three parts. Firstly, a Raspberry Pi-based smart plug serving as the gateway, that is able to read current data from individual home appliances, load the trained model from training server and test the verified data using the model. Secondly, Google Colab as the training server will be used to store the training data set and building the Tensorflow-based Long Short-term Memory (LSTM) model. This recurrent neural network model will forecast electricity bill and notify users if abnormal energy consumption of individual home appliances is detected. Thirdly, a dashboard using Matplotlib library where users may monitor the real-time energy consumption.

  • Energy Saving: Household devices are kept under observation and their energy consumption is noted and will be able to tell which one is effecting the electricity consumption the most in regular basis.

    Safety of environment and devices: We can also observe from our data captured from the IoT devices that if any household device showing an abnormal behavior or some fault is there or not that will help in the saftety of house or building which is generally not observed by normal humans.

October 15, 2019

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