Smart Agriculture: Hydroponics & Internet of Things

  • vikalp kumar singh,sanat kumar pandey,amrendra singh yadav
  • Soil, the important component for the growth of plants. It
    provides all nutrients and water etc. for the successful
    growth of plants. Plants, however, need a large space and open
    field to grow whereas space in the urban area is one of the
    limiting factors for any type of agriculture production. By the
    effort of plant scientists, Hydroponics was developed to meet
    out this challenge.

  • In the Context of developing India, farmers need some bits
    of help in the different stages of crop growth and the guidance
    should be given at the right time. Our Country is agriculture
    oriented but due to the lack of geospatial information, weather
    prediction, market conditions and external condition farmers
    are suffering a lot of problems; economy, social, and politics.

  • Various challenges in the agricultural domain are identified:-

    1.System cost is high, so it is not affordable by poor farmers of

    2.It requires deep skills and practical knowledge to grow

    3.Less awareness, so the result is an unfocused sector of
    agriculture in India.

    4.Providing skills and training to all types
    of farmers from poor to average is not an easy task.

    5.Ensure for
    the better outcome and high yields commitment for the farmer
    and helping them to create interest is another reason.

    6.If the
    farmers willing to work in this area, and having less
    knowledge about the system, they need to hire a horticulturist
    or skilled staff and to hire a staff at affordable salary is
    actually a big problem.


January 30, 2020

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