Small scale Agriculture (Hydroponics or Aquaponics)

  • Saran R.
  • Today's world sees food production as a business opportunity looking to make optimum profits neglecting the impacts processed and adulterated foods have on people. Not everyone can afford to take up any form of gardening on aquaculture to grow fruit and vegetable produce as it requires a lot of effort and capital. These processed and adulterated foods are causing unwanted health effects and diseases over the long run. People must be able to grow their own produce sustainably.

  • Urban citizens who have limited space and time and are willing to grow their own food.

  •  Who faces this problem ?

    This problem is faced by most of us as we do not have access to fresh organic produce and are forced to consume adulterated foods. Mostly experienced by urban families and individuals who cannot get access to organic produce.

    Why could this be a problem ? 

    Adulterations from food can cause cancer, and it is proved by studies. Cancer causing carcinogens are present in fertilizers and adulterants. These processed foods can also decrease our immunity.


    How can this be solved ? 

    This can be solved by intensive vegetable gardening using aquaculture techniques in our homes, on our rooftops where sunlight is available aplenty.



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November 8, 2019

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