Short-Lived Housing & Guest Management

  • Government Engineering College Bikaner, Rajasthan
  • Vishal Parashar (Data Analyst), Rahul Yadav (Manager Administration & Facilities)
  • Problem Statement As a PG Owner-:
    Managing different aspects of PG business such as managing multiple PG's ,Expense Management,Tracking of Bed Availabilities, keeping track of tenants and their payments, generating expense and income reports, tracking daily transactions of multiple PG's, tracking daily income and expense, Profit/Loss Tracking, SMS and Email Notifications, Staff salaries,Complain tracking (Owner module),equipment maintenance or repair schedule are huge problems for any PG owner.
    Problem Statement As a tenants-:
    Affordable paying guest room,High brokerage, Insecurity in paying advance one month rent as security,360 degree room view,Complain tracking (Tenant Module),Disappointed PG Food, Vegetarian& Non Vegetarian food, Basic Facilities Issues, Getting rent agreements signed from pg owner,CashPayments ,Not Receiving Rent Receipts, Costlier Electricity Bills, Security Issues

  • Users Persons -:
    Tenants are paying very high rates to stay, but not getting the facilities regularly, security issues so many theft cases in guest houses, should allow opposite genders,
    kitchen hygiene male owner/manager in female pg's. parking issues, late night parties problem, no extra food availability for friends, sudden family members visit, Waste collection on daily basis by MCG or authorized govt contractor..
    When we come on to the locations persona people have different reviews just like some of them wants to stay near by office in any type of location, some other wants to stay in lush green area/environment that should have a proper distance from industrial zone, public transportation availability etc..
    As i am staying in pg's since last 11 years listening same problem. 
    Some other highly important points-:
    Security in girls guest houses. 
    Property owner should be helpful in case of any emergencies.
    Monthly gathering which  makes the friendly environment.
    Payments history records ( either monthly payment any  extra payment, automatic payment slips & payment notifications).

October 18, 2019

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