Short Battery LifeSpan of Drones

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  • We use Drones like Quadcopters for different purposes like Disaster Recovery, Surveillance, in Agriculture, for Media...etc. But these can only fly for 30-40 minutes on the average due to battery discharging. So at this time usually the drone will land and the battery gets replaced!

    Consider the same case in a Disaster Recovery, landing the drone for a battery replacing, which may interrupt the continuity of the search leading to unscanned areas. But the real problem arise when we realize that time is an important factor in case of disaster recovery. Sometimes the recharging time will cost a human life, which the drone should have detected earlier while disaster recovery, if it hadn't gone for recharging.

    So I think it is necessary to extend the Battery Life Span of Drone in order to make it more efficient and functional.Not only at Disaster field, but it is also be effective at Surveillance, Agriculture, Media, Mapping, Researches...etc

  • Rescue teams for Disaster Recovery -  Also people who need to be rescued

    Police for Surveillance

    Tracking criminals

    Environmentalist for Environmental activities like Fire fighting,....

    Architectures for mapping large areas

    Media group for live broadcasting

    Personal use for Entertainment and Videography

    Using Drone in Package Delivery

  • Interview with :

    Rescue Team : " If  you could invent such a technology to extend battery life of drones, then it will be so helpful in the time of disaster recovery"

    Media : "If the drone stayed there for longer time in the sky, it would more convenient to capture better shots"

    The short battery life span of drones is also a problem faced by the entertainers which is the only experience i have. But i'm sure that it also affect others in different field such as in Agriculture,Delivery,Surveillance...

    In order to solve that problem,we have a some  concepts of a "Power Drone" in which another small drone carrying a battery source replaces the battery without affecting the performance OR altering the drone structure so that is works longer (frame,claws,size......) OR altering the factors that affect the battery condition OR wireless Recharging...

    As it requires deep researches and advance programming for stability and related activities it seems like a small challenge for now!

  • Before -  We are getting 30-40 min of battery life in drones, which makes it a challenge to the continuity

    After - Now we are getting more battery life time as compared to the old one like 1 hr and above,makes to so much useful to keep on the continue the work with more satisfaction

October 25, 2019

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